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Cabaret at the Fringe

Posted by kissandtell on August 17, 2014 at 12:30 AM

Our show Cocktails with the Diva is going very well. It took a good five shows to feel comfortable with new material in such an intense environment but we're into our final fabulous week at the Edinburgh Fringe.

We've had great audiences and  tremendous feedback on Twitter and Facebook. Word of mouth is that this is a clever, funny, entertaining show. This is reflective of everyone except... Fest Magazine.

Here at The Edinburgh Fringe Cabaret (justifiably) has a very broad interpretation. It can be anything from magic to Burlesque (what some would refer to as Variety.)

I'm of the opinion that as long as you do your craft well, to your best abilities, show thought and originality then you're at the top of your game (whether a cobbler, stripper, opera singer or a picture restorer.) What matters is that as an Artist you strive to be the best within your genre. 

Cabaret should also be taken within its context. If I am going to see East End Cabaret or Kit & Mc Connell, I will know exactly what to expect from each show and I will love what both of these cabaret acts from opposite ends of the spectrum have to give. They are both clever, exciting, push boundaries and harness their talent.  

So far our reviews have been complimentary, astute and fair. We've been praised for our "biting lyrics" and one four star review stated "edgier than anything I’ve heard out of a stand-up’s mouth this year" but this Fest Magazine review was just shocking:

"a slippery nipple is about as exciting as it gets"  (This being a quote from a cocktail in a song.)

This incredibly sexist remark demonstrates all that is wrong with the perception of cabaret, particularly at the Fringe. Cabaret is and should be anything expressive, controversial, shocking and importantly, politically subversive; it can be spoken word, theatre, song or dance.

This misinterpretation of an historic art form should not be banded about by ignorant twenty-something reviewers who plainly have no knowledge of what they are talking about and who are manipulated by the maelstrom.

Must we really promote mediocrity? Must I clamber over the audience, spray lager in their face and sing songs about wanking that don't ryhme in order to call myself cabaret? Our cabaret breaks the fourth wall and has many political messages (a key element of Weimar Cabaret.) 

Alas many here at the Fringe would say it is vital but if the outstanding Cabaret group Fascinating Aida and wonderfully talented Cabaret singer Sarah Louise Young (who to my knowledge are all fully clothed) is Cabaret than you had bet your bottom dollar we are too. 

For those of you in doubt. Here is Wikipedia definition of cabaret: ;

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