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And we like sheep...

Posted by kissandtell on May 16, 2011 at 10:29 AM


Last Monday I grabbed a coat dress, two bottles of Rioja (present for my host) and missioned it up the A40 to Hay-on-Wye, Trusted Camera man Neil Armstrong at the wheel.

We had one day to film our promo for the Hay Festival where I am performing with my pianist, co writer and general all-round Genius Jeremy Limb (dont tell him I said that).  

Tight budget, tight schedule. tight jeans from too much motorway chocolate.

As we arrived at the picturesque village of Hay on Wye ( middle of NOWHERE, border of Wales ) thunder struck and we were drenched within seconds. 

This isn't the place to sport flouncy dresses and kitten heels. "Damn I should have brought my Timberlands" I moaned as back at the cottage, I stuffed my sodden shoes with newspaper and placed them on the aga. This comment was sneered at by Mr M, my host / Writer /foodie and walking enthusiast who informed me  that Timberlands were a fashion victim cop out and frowned upon by real walkers. He was preparing freshly made nettle pasta with his home made pesto and I was drinking most of the wine as I could feel my cat allergy coming on.

My host called me a donkey - I cant quite remember why, but he called me a donkey TWICE. Perhaps it was because I asked how he managed not to get stung when making his famous nettle pasta. He mumbled something about "blanching" and "rubber gloves" 

I was joking you know. I know that blanching nettles gets rid of the sting.

Tuesday was filming day 2 and it had brightened up considerably. I was much cheered  by the sight of hundreds of spring lambs prancing about the hillside. A magical place Hay on Wye.  We had fun filming in the town. I sang loudly as I walked down the High Street on multiple takes much to the bemusement of local folk who, not realising I was being filmed thought I was either an escapee from the local loony bin, on drugs or "very happy".

In fact the staff of Booth's Books were placing bets.

Filming completed by 3pm, back to London, edited with online turn around at 12 hours.


Timberlands sit untouched in my wardrobe in London but I did manage to get my kitten heels re-heeled. Phew.


Neil filming sheep near Hay-on-Wye

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